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Student Colloquium Series
Friday, 8 October 2004, in room 420 MGH at 3:30 PM.
Many students who are currently in their second or higher year in the iSchool are working on amazing capstone projects, independent studies, directed fieldworks, and RA/TA/GA jobs. The Student Colloquium is an opportunity for students to share those experiences and thereby educate and inspire others. The range of topics covered will be as broad and diverse as our student populace, so each meeting will be new, different and interesting. The presenter at this session will be Tom Dobrowolsky. The abstract of his presentation is as follows:

Reading the City: When walls speak, what do they say?

The urban landscape is littered with colorful documents: official signs telling you where to drive and park, graffiti commenting on the benign as well as the important, and artifacts from businesses that are long gone. The city is a giant public library... its buildings and surfaces coated with evidence of previous authors much like a well-worn book is filled with scribbles, annotations, and dog-eared pages.

Come with me on a lively journey through the "stacks" of city streets as I attempt to make some sense of the documentary artifacts scattered all around our neighborhoods. I'll illustrate some of graffiti's grammatical rules, talk about artists who were paid to paint walls legitimately, and expose nearly faded advertisements written directly on brick.

There will be many pretty pictures.

MLIS New Student Fall Mixer
(for MLIS day and evening students)
Tuesday, October 12, 2004.
5:00 PM to 7:00 in MGH 420.

Come have pizza, soda, and a good time!

ALISS Open Meetings
First Tuesday of November (11/2/04), December (12/10/04), February (2/8/04), and March (3/8/05)
These meetings are a chance for you to learn what’s happening with ALISS, voice your opinion about classes and the iSchool in general, and meet your fellow students. Typically snacks are provided and a good time is had by all. Details will be coming – keep an eye out around MGH and on your inbox!

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