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 title of the newsletter: The Silverfish


June 2004

Vol VIII Issue V

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the last issue of the Silverfish for the 2003-2004 school year. It is also my last issue as Senior Editor. Next year Phoebe Ayers and John Glover will take over the helm of the Silverfish, as Senior Editor and Assistant Editor / Senior Copyeditor respectively. Carmine Rau, who has been an integral part of our staff this year, will continue to be a part of the Silverfish staff next year as the web editor.

A big thank you goes to all of the Silverfish staff members for their hard work and dedication in making the Silverfish such a success this year. Without you, there wouldn’t have been a newsletter! I especially want to thank Beverly Slabosky for being a patient and thorough web editor and SJ Alexander for her support as the ALISS liaison. Thanks, also, to members of the iSchool community for contributing articles, making suggestions and reading the newsletter.

spring fling logoTo close out the year, ALISS (the Association for Library and Information Science Students) is hosting the Spring Fling on Friday, June 4 at 5:00 pm in Mary Gates Commons. The theme this year is Lounge Night – so put on your swanky clothes and your dancing shoes and prepare for a night of Tom Jones karaoke!! (just kidding) Seriously, though, there will be free food and booze a’plenty and an evening of merriment and jollity for all. I look forward to seeing y’all there!

For our last iSchool Program Spotlight of the year, we are focusing on the Informatics Program. Many Informatics students recently went through the grueling process of putting together their capstone projects. We interviewed a number of these students to learn about their capstone projects, their plans after graduation and to find out their impressions of the Informatics program as a whole.


Katy Shaw
Silverfish Senior Editor
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Spotlight on Informatics

Why Informatics?
An Overview of the iSchool’s Bachelor of Science in Informatics Program
by Dyan Smith Chandler

Student Interviews:

Student Spotlight:: Jeremy Hyland

Student Spotlight: Matthew Nevitt

Student Spotlight: Meredith Skeels
with interviewer Phoebe Ayers

Student Spotlight: Robin Sodeman

Student Spotlight: Brandon Tengan

For Book Lovers

Judging A Book By Its Cover
by Jenine Lillian

Around the iSchool

The iSchool’s Diversity Workshop: A Student’s Perspective
by Joshua Daniel Franklin

Time to Defrag and Unplug:
A Synopsis of the Public Forum on Information and the Quality of Life
by Blythe Summers

Free Laptops: Taking Advantage of iSchool Technology
by Jason Fetty

From the Komissar's Desk...
by Tom Dobrowolsky

Art Show Breathes Life into Sterile Halls
by John Glover

Outside the iSchool

My Volunteer Experience at the Youth Services Center Library
by Cheri Streby

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