Newsletter of the Association of Library and Information Science Students (ALISS)




 title of the newsletter: The Silverfish


June 2004

Vol VIII Issue V

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From the Komissar's Desk...

By Tom Dobrowolsky, MLIS Day
komissar. noun. 1: a trusted source of reliable information 2: a person who enhances public opinion and its expression 3: an avuncular advisor.


Can you believe it? It is already May, the end of another successful academic year. Of course you believe it. The weather is beautiful and you are enjoying it. Some of you will be leaving our fold after donating generous amounts of dollars to the school. We thank you for your benefaction and wish you the best in your future endeavors. Please clean up your trash on the way out of the building. Thank you.

Governance of the student body has been proceeding in an admirable fashion since the smooth and bloodless transition of power in ALISS regimes occurred at the beginning of this quarter. At this time, we would like to devote a sentence in order to thank the outgoing Beneficent ALISS Regime for a job well done in representing the students. We are certain that the new Propitious ALISS Cabal shall perform an equally admirable job based on the exemplary precedents of the last regime.

Additionally, we would like to thank you all for making the voice of The People heard as you voted in the recent student organization elections. There were certainly many positions to vote for. We are happy to report that you voted correctly. As with ALISS, we are confident that all of these organizations shall function smoothly over the next righteous and glorious academic year.

In administrative news, the last student meeting with the Dean was held the first week of this month. Your illuminating and glowing praise of the School will make its way into the iSchool's promotional literature in the near future. Thank you for your unflappable support.

On the technical side of things, you will be aware that the IT department will continue its semiweekly major software upgrades according to schedule. Do not be alarmed. Your computing experience will only be enhanced by the upgrades. You will suffer neither disruption of service nor corruption of your preferences. Version 8.1.23a contains voluminous improvements over the current version 8.1.20 installed last Tuesday and is needed for both its increased security and more robust functionality. You shall not be inconvenienced in any way and will quickly appreciate the vast benefits offered by the new software.

On the academic side, the recent all-school meeting concerning the Curriculum Transformation Project was extremely successful. As you know, the initiative strives to leverage greater diversity into the program. Rather than rigidly defining diversity, thus straitjacketing it unnecessarily, it is best to leave its definition open-ended, flexible, and adaptable to the nuances of these highly dynamic times and this truly global world in which we live. What is paramount in this competitive day and age, however, is the secure knowledge that diversity in all of its forms will be incorporated synergistically into every level of the program. This has a tangible effect on your employability upon leaving the program, for a skill-set consisting of diversity awareness is highly desirable among today's employers, especially those of whom seek employees who think outside the box.

Finally, in domestic affairs, the School's knitters, having recently completed a transformation project of their own, held a meeting on the very same day of the curriculum transformation project. For those who had not the foresight to attend this important meeting -- a great many of you according to our records -- you may rest assured in the knowledge that your safety and security are virtually guaranteed while you are within the Mary Gates compound. Each and every knitter in your various classes has been highly trained and dispatched to protect you in the event of an emergency. Carry on with your studies and everyday activities knowing that you are in good hands: safe from sedition and immune to invasion.

Finally, to those select few of you who have been walking around in socks and sandals: the tests have all come back with optimum results. Everything is proceeding according to schedule; you may carry on. The tingling sensation is a normal reaction and will not disturb natural sleep cycles.

Thank you. This is all the information that you will need to know for now. You will be notified via the official mailing list about your required attendance at the next General Random Meeting.

That is all. Proceed with what you were working on.




David Ballantine

"Il Presidente" David Ballantine shows the sort of commitment to service that he brings as ALISS Presidente









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