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Submission Guidelines

Got something you want to say? Been to any conferences or taken a good class outside the school? Did you always want to be a literary or food critic? Give us the good word! By which we mean anecdotes, articles, poems, art work and more! We encourage all submissions relevant to students at the iSchool. Please email submissions to The Silverfish.

Submission Guidelines and Policy

  1. All material by (current or former) iSchool students will be considered for publication in The Silverfish newsletter or blog.
  2. Students interested in writing regularly will be granted full access to the Silverfish blog.
  3. Anyone is welcome to comment on The Silverfish blog.
  4. All iSchool students are welcome to contribute thoughts or comment on stories and may choose to do so anonymously.
  5. The Silverfish staff reserves the right to edit blog and newsletter submissions.

Web Policy

Our policy is that we do not remove articles from our online archives, nor do we remove authors’ names from said articles once they’ve been published in an online format, unless an agreement was arranged with that author prior to May 1, 2010. Articles may be corrected or amended if we’ve published material that is libelous or factually incorrect, with a note detailing the date and time of the correction, but articles and author names will not be removed.

Current Web-caching technology used by search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and the Internet Wayback Machine archives our stories after they are posted. This means that removing someone’s name from an article or removing the article entirely after the fact is a futile gesture—the information is already out there to be found by anyone who wants to find it. Removing someone’s name or removing an article from our archives may diminish the results that come up in a search, but (especially after an article has been online for a long time) it won’t remove all traces of that article’s existence.

There are also ethical issues involving removal of already published material from the public sphere.

Because all of these archives of our content exist independently of our own Web site, and because removing existent content could be termed censorship in some instances, it would be dishonest and futile for us to remove or alter data in our online archives. If a contributor would like to publish an article under a pseudonym, this must be arranged with the Silverfish editorial staff prior to publication.


  1. Submissions are preferred as a Microsoft Word document.
  2. We may want to use your picture, if you have one in the iSchool student directory, to accompany your submission in the Silverfish. Please let us know if you do not want us to use your picture.
  3. If you have a graphic you would like to accompany your submission, email it along with your submission as a separate attachment. You may submit as many graphics as you want, but we reserve the right to edit your submissions due to design issues.


To save your fellow students some time, please identify links in the document using the following format:

Your submission: The <a href=””>Rock Star Librarian</a> is an excellent source of alternative news for the information professional.

How it will look: The Rock Star Librarian is an excellent source of alternative news for the information professional.


  • A general spell check will speed the editing process and our production time.
  • Articles should be 500 to 1,000 words in length. We will accept longer articles on a case by case basis. Papers that were written for class should be less than 2,500 words.
  • Have fun!

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Submission Guidelines