Newsletter of the Association of Library and Information Science Students (ALISS)





November 2003

Vol VII Issue V




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Submission Guidelines

Are you interested in sharing your knowledge with the rest of the student body? Have you attended any conferences or taken an interesting or worthwhile class outside of the department? Would you care to review books or nearby bars for us? We are interested in your contribution! Anecdotes, articles, poems, art work and more! We encourage all submissions relevant to students at the iSchool. Please email all submissions to Katy Shaw .


  1. Submissions are preferred as a Microsoft Word document.
  2. We may want to use your picture, if you have one in the iSchool student directory, to accompany your submission in the Silverfish. Please let us know if you do not want us to use your picture.
  3. If you have a graphic you would like to accompany your submission, email it along with your submission as a separate attachment. Please submit only one graphic per submission. We also reserve the right to leave out your graphic due to space or design issues.


To save your fellow students time, please follow the format below:

<a href=””>RockStar Librarian</a>

      url                                       display


Your submission: The <a href=””>Rock Star Librarian</a> is an excellent source of alternative news for the information professional.

How it will look: The Rock Star Librarian is an excellent source of alternative news for the information professional.


  • A general spell check will speed the editing process and our production time.
  • Try to keep submissions under 1,000 words.
  • Book reviews should be under 500 words.