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Letter from the Editor

Over Thanksgiving break, my brother introduced my family to an addictive new video game called Jardinains. In the style of the classic video games Pong and Breakout, Jardinains induces the would-be gamer to bounce a ball with a paddle (operated with the mouse) in order to break bricks at the top of the screen. However, this game has added a tantalizing twist mischievous little gnomes. 

The gnomes seem harmless at first. They look like jolly miniature elves from Santa’s workshop. When they first appear, they wave and bid you a friendly “hello!”. Soon, however, it becomes apparent that these little imps are up to no good. They throw flower pots and little potted cacti at you and cackle maniacally whenever you lose a life. Despite their misbehavior, the gnomes provide what is by far the most entertaining aspect of the game. Whenever you manage to knock a gnome off of his perch on a brick, you can bounce the gnome up and down with your paddle. Truly, there is nothing more satisfying after a long day of working on group projects and wading through the mysterious depths of the AACR2 then bouncing a mess of gnomes in an effort to break your husband’s infuriating new high score of 258,155 points.

In the spirit of fun and frivolous activities that you can occupy yourself with over the winter break (or while you are trying to forget your school or work obligations), this issue of the Silverfish is dedicated to good old-fashioned rest and relaxation. Looking for a good book to read or movie to watch over the break? Look no further! Phoebe Ayers’ article “Holiday Reading ... With Librarians for Company” and “Host Your Own Librarian Film Festival” by Carmine Rau will keep you entertained with stories that feature the antics of librarians. If tales about librarians aren’t your thing, Jenine Lillian’s “Top Ten List” is sure to have a book to keep you occupied over the holidays. Do you need a good laugh? Be sure to read “An Enumeration of Questions Frequently Asked by the New Student (Abridged)” by Tom Dobrowolsky – a humorous article that pokes fun at life as we know it at the iSchool – er – Information School. Need a break from schoolwork? “Take Back An Evening – Take In a Show at the Crocodile” by Karen Estlund will inspire you to go out and hear some live music, and “Caffeine Hotspots for the Studiously Minded” by Blythe Summers will have you out “studying” in some of Seattle’s best coffee shops. Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the librarian on your list? Be sure to check out “Great Gifts for Librarians and Information Professionals” by Dyan Smith Chandler, which has gifts for everyone on your list.

Lest you think that the Silverfish has degenerated into a cesspool of fluff and nonsense, we have included a few serious articles for the edification of library and information science students and professionals. In our information professional spotlight for this issue, Cheri Streby interviews Chance Hunt, the Youth Services Coordinator at the Seattle Public Library. This issue also includes an article that features a student in the Information School – an interview with dMLIS student Barbara Eales by Sarah Bosarge. In his article “Knock 'Em Out: A Game Review”, Tom Rhoades discusses the dangers of spyware and of playing addictive video games.

Speaking of video games, I hear some little gnomes calling my name. If you would like to check out Jardinains, you can download it for free from However, I must warn you it is terribly addicting and will most likely result in hours of wasted time and grumpy gnomes.

Happy Holidays,

Katy Shaw
Silverfish Senior Editor

Our holiday R&R issue:

Reviews & Great Holiday Ideas

Caffeine Hotspots for the Studiously Minded
by Blythe Summers

Take Back An Evening, Take In a Show at the Crocodile
by Karen Estlund

Host Your Own Librarian Film Festival
by Carmine Rau

Great Gifts for Librarians and Information Professionals
by Dyan Smith Chandler

Knock 'Em Out: A Game Review
by Tom Rhoades

Advice to New Students

An Enumeration of Questions Frequently Asked by the New Student (Abridged)
by Tom Dobrowolsky

For Book Lovers

Holiday reading ... with librarians for company
by Phoebe Ayers

Judging A Book By Its Cover
by Jenine Lillian

Information Professional Spotlight

A Talk with Chance Hunt, Youth Services Coordinator at Seattle Public Library
by Cheri Streby

Field Report

Field Report: Ventura County California
by Sarah Bosarge

New Student E-mail list!

A Shameless Advertisement to Join a New Student Group (i_Social)
by John Glover
(Note: This e-mail list is not officially endorsed by the iSchool or by ALISS. )


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