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A Shameless Advertisement to Join a New Student Group

By John Glover
Has the iMan got you down? Do you feel your will to live being sucked out by all the articles, books, realia, websites, and live, streaming pantomimes, not to mention their metadata? You need something to do, somewhere to go, and people to hang with when you get there... Now there is a place for you: i_Social.

This new e-mail list will serve as a medium for unofficial shout-outs to the iSchool community. Going for beer (or cider, wine, martinis, YooHoo, etc.) and want company? Wanting to go see Matrix Remasticated for a seventeenth time and tired of having to face the ruffians outside the theater alone? Curious to learn if someone else in the iSchool would like to shop at Pike Place Market? Your course is clear: join i_Social.

When you've got something to pass on, send an e-mail to i_Social advertising your event or interest (which you will state clearly in the subject line, hmmm?) and see what happens. Maybe nothing, and so you're out the few moments it took to write the note. On the other hand, maybe you'll find that special someone out there who also loves the original NES and wants to spend an afternoon helping those wacky Italian plumbers escape the jaws of doom.

Come one, come all! This list is no pressure, no dues, no cookies, and you can lurk as long as you want. The only stipulation, if you want to call it that, is that you are requested to send no more than one post per event, two if you are advertising something in the semi-distant future.

To sign up, go here and follow the prompts.