Society of Physics Students at UW 2013-2014

We strive to involve Physics and Astronomy students in the world of physics beyond the classroom.
  President: Patrick McCurry
  Vice President: Chris Jantzi
  Treasurer: Peter Senchyna
  Secretary: Kazimir Wall
  Public Relations: Danielle Lemmon
  Recruitment: Aaron West
  Web Master: Adam Remesnik
Office: PAB 135.
Welcome to the Society of Physics Students at UW Website
The UW SPS is a chapter of the national Society of Physics Students, which brings undergraduate physics majors from around the country together to participate in research, present at national conferences, and develop as physicists.

At UW, every physics major can be part of the SPS. The club has five officer positions and is advised by Professor Michael Schick. We encourage you to get involved and make the most of your undergraduate physics career at UW!
How to get involved:
Room B135 in the Physics and Astronomy Building (PAB) is a "home-away-from-home" for many physics majors. Our lounge provides comfortable couches, study tables, computers, chalkboards, and the all-important refrigerator. Students often gather to study together, socialize, check email, and occasionally, nap. Hanging out in the SPS lounge is the best way to get to know majors from all classes!

Every Monday from 12:30-1:20pm, Lunchbox Seminars are held in the SPS lounge. The afternoon's physics department colloquium speaker presents their talk at a level appropriate for undergraduates. Attending colloquia is also highly encouraged! Pizza is usually available at the Lunchbox Seminars for $1.50 a slice and pop for 50 cents a can.

We coordinate social events at least once a quarter. In the past, these have included movie and pizza nights in the PAA auditoriums or BBQs in the physics quad. Suggestions--and initiative--are always welcome.

To keep informed of academic opportunities, social events, and t-shirt designs and orders, please see the news page