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AVELA - A Vision for Engineering Literacy & Access members have the opportunity to flex their STEM and teaching talents by working with experienced undergraduate and graduate students, university professors, local teachers, community leaders, and industry professionals...


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AVELA partners with school districts, community organizations, and nonprofits to provide K-14 students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on STEM projects with our members...

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University of Washington students who join AVELA will have the opportunity to flex their STEM and teaching talents by working with experienced undergraduate and graduate students, University Professors, K-12 teachers, community leaders, and industry professionals...

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Who We Are

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Inspired by our own experience, we are a student group at the University of Washington who are passionate about bridging the opportunity gaps currently present in the public education system. We accomplish this goal by creating and leading workshops, camps, panels, and other forms of community outreach that allow our university members to share their experiences with colleges and industries, as well as their technical expertise. Open to all students, we center the experience of younger underrepresented minority students.

About Us
“ When you get, give. When you learn, teach ” Maya Angelou

AVELA’s Mission

Our mission is to provide more opportunities for underrepresented elementary, middle, and high school students to pursue their interests in college and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by leading workshops, camps, and other forms of community outreach while representing the populations we aim to support. For our student members at the University of Washington, AVELA offers an opportunity to gain hands-on experience developing and presenting STEM activities for and to younger students.

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Yaffet Bedru

Student Teacher

“AVELA gave me the opportunity to learn technical knowledge, and gives underrepresented students a chance to explore engineering projects.”


Aisha Cora

Student Teacher

“I joined AVELA because it was important for me to be motivated by other students of color who come from similar backgrounds as myself, have similar goals academically, and for the community. I was also able to give back by tutoring students in my community who, like myself, were not able to get enough exposure to STEM fields while young.”

Jaritza Mondragon

Jaritza Mondragon

Student Teacher

“AVELA helped me create new, and build on old, technical skills through hands on workshops and mentoring. I also got to give back and help my communities gain an interest in STEM”

Fatima Gbla

Fatima Gbla

Student Teacher

“AVELA has given me opportunities to develop professional and personal skills that have been critical to my development as an individual in STEM. I have been fortunate enough to engage in teaching fun-filled classes and interact with other students of color, which continues to fuel my passion for science.”

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