Before you take this survey, please read the information below to learn about our expectations for mentors.

Mentor Information

Thanks for considering being a mentor! Here’s some important info before signing up!



  • Mentor reaches out via email to mentee within one week of being matched, and at least once a month thereafter.
  • Complete a mentor agreement with mentee. (A sample will be provided to you when you receive a mentee.) It will include questions such as:

–  How often do you want to meet?

–  For how long do you want to maintain mentorship?

–  What do you want to talk about? e.g. housing, professors, school, registration, networking, tour guide around campus or Seattle, etc.

–  What don’t you want to talk about?

–  What is a typical response time for emails?

Highly Recommended

  • Attend mentor workshop/panel/discussion during first week of spring quarter. The workshop is now over (thanks to everyone who attended!), but you can check out our notes on mentoring here.

–  This workshop will serve as a platform to answer all questions and make sure everyone is on the same page before mentoring begins.

  • Attend mentor/mentee social during orientation week, just before fall quarter.


  • Hang out with other mentor/mentee pairs
  • Fill out survey near the end of winter quarter to help us improve the program.
  • Get involved with developing the mentor-mentee agreement, collecting resources, and planning social events.


  • We cannot guarantee confidentiality, although be respectful. Personal stories should only be shared outside the mentor/mentee pair to help a mentee or mentor in need.
  • Mentors are not counselors, but we can provide resources for where to find counseling, such as Hall Health, the UW Counseling Center, or even private practice.
  • Mentors are not tutors for classes, although, obviously class work can be discussed. Mentors are encouraged to connect their mentees with other resources for success in classes.
  • This program is student run, any issues with mentors/mentees should be discussed with lead contacts (Nick and Emily, please see contact information below).

Who to contact:

Emily Rabe – mentor contact –

Lizzy Canarie – mentee contact –

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