Department of Chemistry Mentorship Network

Need help choosing a research group? Don’t know what classes to take? Always had trouble finding fun things to do outside of school? Here’s a solution: the Department of Chemistry Mentorship Network. Participation in this informal, student-led network is not only voluntary but entirely customizeable. We will partner all interested first year chemistry graduate students with a more senior graduate student based on their specific needs. Just fill out the survey (link at bottom of page), and we will find someone who can help you out. To extend beyond traditional mentoring roles, we will plan events for all the participating mentees and mentors, so we can all share in each other’s expertise and learning. If there’s anything we’ve learned as graduate students, it’s that you’re never too old to learn something new or too young to teach a lesson. So if this interests you, check out the links below or send us an email. Everyone is welcome, and we can’t wait to meet you!


Or email: Emily Rabe ( or Lizzy Canarie (

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