Meeting Recap 05/10/2016


The notes from today’s meeting can be found on the Google Drive. For a recap of the important points, see below!


  • Reminders


      1. Please use the event planning checklist when planning events.
      2. Please contact Kim Quigley when your event is planned so she can send word throughout the department
      3. Use removable tape!


  • Upcoming in Spring Quarter


      1. Shoreline STEM festival 05/14 – email Rae at if you’d like to help out!
      2. Thursday, 05/26 5:30 CHB 102 – Dan Grunspan, UW Anthropology: Gender Bias in STEM classes
      3. For a career development event: if anyone has contact with former graduate students who can provide anecdotes, advice, or resources for a career event, plesae contact Nick ( or Heidi (


  • Upcoming over the Summer


      1. Book club – poll will go out pre-summer so stay tuned!
      2. Mixer/social/outdoor activity – contact Nick or Rae to help out.
      3. Meditation event – stay tuned!
      4. Outreach module/demo development for high school career development – contact Rae to help out.


  • WCS Lecture


      1. We’ve chosen Geri Richmond, a professor at University of Oregon. We’re anticipating having the Annual WCS Lecture in late January or February.


  • Collaborations


      1. We’re looking for volunteers to help out with a “how to be an ally” panel – if you have experience with being an ally or coaching an ally and would like to help out, contact Nick!


  • Updates


    1. Mentor Network – matches have been made! If you got an email, please follow the instructions in that email. If not, don’t fret, you will be matched as soon as more mentees sign up.
    2. Outreach supplies have been moved to BAG 293. If you need to borrow them, contact Heidi or Rae.

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