Lashes ‘n Lab Coats: The Chemistry Between Nail & Polish

Heidi, Beth, and Brenda had a great time helping teach middle-school girls about the chemistry of nail polish at the Museum of Flight! The students learned about what happens when nail polish dries and how nail polish remover works from Highline College professors Natalie Bjorge and Marie Nguyen, and made their own customized nail polish by mixing eye shadow pigment and glitter into clear nail polish. Then we talked to them about UW, being a graduate student in chemistry, and our own paths, research interests, and career goals. We finished up by making solvent art and talking about why nail polish dissolves in nail polish remover, but doesn’t come off when you wash your hands.

Lashes N' Lab Coats, Group Picture, Oct. 2016

Thanks to LaNiqua Bell and the Museum of Flight for organizing and hosting this event! We had a really great time, and we’re looking forward to future workshops in the Lashes ‘n Lab Coats series!

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