Amy Cuddy of Harvard coming to UW!

Women in the Chemical Sciences is excited to announce that Prof. Amy Cuddy, our nominee for Jessie and John Danz Endowed Lecturer, is coming to UW November 13th at 7pm in Kane 130!

You can register to attend the lecture at

 amy cuddy photo

You’ll want to sit up straight for this presentation, in which Amy Cuddy examines Power Posing – striking a pose that projects confidence – and its impact on leaders and followers alike. Cuddy’s discussion, “Connect, Then Lead,” wonders whether it’s better for a leader to be loved or feared, examines how leaders can strike a balance between showing warmth and strength, and looks at how Power Posing might improve the relationship between leaders and peers, groups, or even brands.

Amy Cuddy is an associate professor of business administration at Harvard University.

You can also see her Ted Talk on Power Posing (which has had over 6 million views) at

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