Elections are held between the start of the academic year and October 30th. The 2016-2017 WCS officers are:

Co-Presidents Vice President Secretary
Emily Rabe and Katie Corp Sarah Pristash Claire West
Treasurer Emily Cliff
Webmaster Samatha Phan
Outreach Coordinator Emma Cave
Undergraduate Liaisons Irika Sinha
Faculty Adviser
Brandi Cossairt


Past officers:


President: Rae Eaton
Vice President: Emily Rabe
Secretary: Claire West
Treasurer: Emily Cliff
Outreach coordinator: Nayon Park
Webmaster: Sarah Pristash

President: Beth Mundy
Vice President: Katie Corp
Secretary: Katie Guye
Treasurer: Emily Rabe
Outreach coordinator: Abbie Ganas
Webmaster: Sarah Floris
Undergraduate Liason: Zoha Syed

President: Heidi Nelson
Vice-president: Beth Mundy
Secretary: Nick Montoni
Treasurer: Katie Corp
Outreach coordinator: Rae Eaton
Webmaster: Addie Kingsland
Undergraduate liaisons: Zoha Syed and Ellia Shelton

President: Addie Kingsland
Vice-president: Heidi Nelson
Secretary: Brigit Miller
Treasurer: Beth Mundy
Webmaster: Rae Eaton
Outreach coordinator: Scott Rayermann
Undergraduate liaisons: Ellia Shelton and Zoha Syed

President: Sarah Vorpahl
Vice-president: Addie Kingsland
Secretary: Heidi Nelson
Treasurer: Jessica Wittman
Webmaster: Brigit Miller

President: Sarah Vorpahl
Vice-president: Jessica Wittman
Secretary: Heidi Nelson
Treasurer: Stephanie Hemmingson
Webmaster: Peter Johnston