Elections are held between the start of the academic year and October 30th. The 2016-2017 WCS officers are:

President Vice President Secretary
Rae Eaton Emily Rabe Claire West
Treasurer Emily Cliff
Webmaster Sarah Pristash
Outreach Coordinator Nayon Park
Undergraduate Liaisons N/A
Faculty Adviser
Brandi Cossairt


Past officers:

President: Beth Mundy
Vice President: Katie Corp
Secretary: Katie Guye
Treasurer: Emily Rabe
Outreach coordinator: Abbie Ganas
Webmaster: Sarah Floris
Undergraduate Liason: Zoha Syed

President: Heidi Nelson
Vice-president: Beth Mundy
Secretary: Nick Montoni
Treasurer: Katie Corp
Outreach coordinator: Rae Eaton
Webmaster: Addie Kingsland
Undergraduate liaisons: Zoha Syed and Ellia Shelton

President: Addie Kingsland
Vice-president: Heidi Nelson
Secretary: Brigit Miller
Treasurer: Beth Mundy
Webmaster: Rae Eaton
Outreach coordinator: Scott Rayermann
Undergraduate liaisons: Ellia Shelton and Zoha Syed

President: Sarah Vorpahl
Vice-president: Addie Kingsland
Secretary: Heidi Nelson
Treasurer: Jessica Wittman
Webmaster: Brigit Miller

President: Sarah Vorpahl
Vice-president: Jessica Wittman
Secretary: Heidi Nelson
Treasurer: Stephanie Hemmingson
Webmaster: Peter Johnston

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