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We are a group of UW students interested in wildlife, conservation, and topics concerning these issues. Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas. We have a few officer positions available and are excited to start the new year!


President--Kristina Haycock

Co-President--Emily Reiser

Vice President--Angela Huang

Publicist--Michelle Hara

Historian---Erin Ideishi

**Open Officer Positions**

Treasurer--Although we don't have much money yet, the treasurer will be in charge of everything having to do with our money; completing any money request forms for the RSO, keeping a yearly budget, as well as any other money related issues that may come up.

Webmaster--Obviously, the website is already set up, but we need someone to keep it updated! This site was built with dreamweaver, but anyone with enough knowledge on computers to be able to edit the site (and possibly add a page or two in the future) is exactly what we're looking for!

Events Coordinator--This is one of the most important jobs we have! The events coordinator will be in charge of making sure our events go off without a hitch. All club members share the creation of events, but we need a special person to make sure everything runs smoothly.



Huskies Go Wild!

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