There are two generic options for joining the UW Kung Fu & Tai Chi Club, the Club Member option and the Skills Class option, in addition, the club member option offers the ability to become a full member of Seattle Kung Fu Club/Chi Life Studios.

Uniforms are optional and are available for purchase through the club

It is never too late in the quarter to join the club, come to a practice for additional questions regarding late joining or contact a club administrator

Club Member
  • Start anytime and practice through the quarter (and during the break)
  • Access to any style offered by the UW club
  • Stay on through the quarter and further develop your skills
  • Be part of a great group of people
  • Join the Seattle Kung Fu Club/Chi Life Studios (for an additional fee) and have access to all of their facilities as well as Sanda/Sanshou training
  • Affordable (most Martial Arts gyms charge $70+ a month)
  • Class from 4:00 to 6:00
Become a club member by showing up to one of our practices (Monday and Wednesday IMA Studio 111 4:00-6:00) and saying you’d like to join the club or by contacting club president James White. Club dues are $50 a quarter, with membership into the Seattle Kung Fu Club being additional.

Skills Class
  • Great introduction to Traditional Chinese Martial Arts
  • Very affordable
  • Limited to Hung Gar Kuen or Tai Chi
  • Only available for your first quarter of training
  • Starts after quarter begins
  • Class from 4:00 to 5:00
The skills class is a great way to see what the club is like without making the full time and financial commitment. For more information or to join, visit the IMA programs office in person, located on the 3rd floor of the IMA or fax/mail in a registration form

FAX#: 206-685-4661

Mail Address
Sports and Fitness Classes Registration
Box 354090
Seattle, WA 98195