Who We Are
We are a group of students and faculty interested in or dedicated to improving our athletic ability through Kung Fu. The UW Kung Fu & Tai Chi Club is a satellite school of the
Seattle Kung Fu Club, considered to be the premiere Kung Fu association in the region and partnered with Chi Life Studios.

What We Do
There are many styles offered by the UW Kung Fu Club and more information can be found on each of them on the styles page. One unifying principle behind all of them is that they are all Martial Arts, meaning their philosophy involves finding or inventing the most effective or efficient movement using the human body as the constraint. Most of the styles offered by the club also are unified as being “Kung Fu”. Kung Fu comes from the original Mandarin 功夫 The symbols (gõng and fū) translate to mean “skill” or “accomplishment” and “man” respectively the entire phrase being taken to mean “the accomplishment of man” the connotation or subtext of the phrase was that this accomplishment only came at the expense of great effort. So great was this connotation that some think that the phrase is better translated as “Hard Work” and that the implication is that this work will result in the great achievement denoted by the characters themselves.