Do I need to know how to water ski?

Nope. Just an interest in the sport, a willingness to work hard and love of the water.

Is there a certain time commitment to the team?

You are required to workout at least once a week at the gym, in order to be eligible to practice on the water. We practice once or twice a week depending on boat availability. It's mainly whenever we are able to. We, obviously, hope you would be able to get out and practice, but the team is really what you make of it.

Do I need my own gear?

Right now, we are in the re-building stages and have very limited resources. With that said, we do not mind sharing our gear with you until you can find your own. We do have team discounts at a few ski shops, which can help off set the costs of gear.

How much does it cost?

Currently, if you're not a member, practices are $20 per day on the lake and everything else is out of pocket. Depending on how many people join the team for the fall, there won't be "per practice" fees, just a membership fee for Spring quarter. Team dues do not include travel/gas costs for tournaments in California, which could be as much as $150 per competition. While you are under no obligation to go to any of the tournaments, the cost is definitely worth it. The tournaments in California are a lot of fun and who doesn't love a good road trip? We do everything we can to cut costs where possible and to use the resources that we have wisely.

How do I join the Team?

  • Contact us and get on our email list
  • Become a member of USA Water Ski
    • Individual Memberships: Under 25 Active
    • Club/Team: University of Washington
    • Sport Discipline: Collegiate
  • Come ski with us!