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University of Washington the Underdawgs is now active! The club is being brought back from the dead but it needs your support! Were looking for divers and non-divers to meet up and have some fun while diving. This will be the first of many updates to come so stay tuned for more exciting information!


All of the officers of the Underdawgs have now graduated, and we're no longer a Registered Student Organization.


Here are the slides for the last meeting. I'm still waiting to hear back from Underwater Sports about discounts.


We're having a meeting this Monday (4/12) at 5:00pm in HUB 309. There will be information for newcomers as well as an update on our deals with local dive companies. We'll talk about dates for some fun dives, too!


We've received a great deal from Seattle Scuba School just in time for the start of the school year. If you're interested in renting gear, they're giving us half price on all of their rentals! If you need a everything (wet suit w/ gear) the total for a day is about $50, much better than you'll find anywhere else. In order to take advantage of this, however, you'll need to join their mailing list and tell them you're interested in the Underdawgs deal. You can reach them at info@seattlescuba.com.


Spring is here and it's getting to be a little warmer outside. A number of people have expressed interest in getting their first certification! If you're interested, we've started getting a group together. Email us if you're interested!


We had a meeting, mainly focused on information for new divers and those interested in the sport, but don't know where to start. It was great to see some new faces! The Powerpoint presentation is available here. I also found a website with a lot of pictures of Puget Sound critters. Use it for identification and to satisfy your curiosity!


The web page and message board are up and running! Use the message board to communicate with other members of the club.
It's possible to set alerts so that you can see when people post to the board. Near the top of the page, click on Profile then Notifications. Here you can set your preferences to either alert you immediately or send you a daily summary of the postings (suggested).

Last Updated 1/9/2012
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