Elected Positions:


Responsibilities of the President include: scheduling and facilitating officer meetings, delegating tasks to other officers, serving as the main point of contact for the club (for most things), and to an extent, completing tasks assigned to other officers when they are not able to.

Current Officer:

Diego Chavez - President

Diego Chavez

Ask Diego about what it's like to be Swing Kids president


The treasurer is responsible for tracking and overseeing all monetary transactions that involve Swing Kids at UW. This includes, but is not limited to, collecting membership dues, paying instructors, applying for funding, refunding club purchases, and approving or denying proposed uses of SwingKids funds.

Current Officer:

Casi Goodman - Treasurer

Casi Goodman

Talk to Casi about her role, over the past two years, as Treasurer for Swing Kids.

Events Coordinators (Two People)

The Events Coordinator creates and manages events for the Swing Kids at UW. The responsibilities include booking the bands for the quarter dances, running the afterparty, and creating club bonding activities (such as movie nights, dinners, and get togethers to prepare outfits for the quarter dances).

Current Officers:

Tori Fox - Events Coordinator

Tori Fox

If you have questions about coordinating Swing Kids events, such as our Quarterly Swing Dance, talk to Tori

Sophie Knudson - Events Coordinator

Sophie Knudson

Talk to Sophie about our Swing Kids buddy program as well as Swing Kids bonding events.

Lessons Coordinator

The Lessons Coordinator books rooms for lessons to be held in each week. Other responsibilities include sending out the weekly email, posting the room locations on the Facebook page and other needed secretarial tasks like taking minutes at officer meetings.

Current Officer:

Alexandria Spofford - Lessons Coordinator

Alexandria Spofford

Ask Alexandria about reserving rooms for every week of lessons and coordinating with The HUB