Elected Positions:

All officers are expected to attend officer meetings, contribute to planning quarter dances, take initiative (if something needs to happen, take care of it), and be an inclusive leader of the Swing Kids at UW community. Please apply through the link (in the email or on the Facebook post).


  • Applications open: April 18th
  • Applications close: April 25th
  • Voting opens: May 2nd
  • Voting closes: May 4th


The president is the face of Swing Kids at UW. They organize the officers meetings, manage emails, delegate tasks to other officers, serve as the main point of contact for the club (for most things), and to an extent, complete tasks assigned to other officers when they are not able to. They also take care of responsibilities that do not fall under a specific officer.

Current Officer:

Casi Goodman - President

Casi Goodman

Ask Casi about what it's like to be Swing Kids president!


The treasurer is responsible for tracking and overseeing club funds and all monetary transactions that involve Swing Kids at UW. This includes, but is not limited to, collecting membership dues, paying instructors, applying for funding, refunding club purchases, and approving or denying proposed uses of SwingKids funds. They also serve as the main contact with the HUB for quarter dances.

Current Officer:

Blarry Wang - Treasurer

Blarry Wang

Ask Blarry what it's like to be Treasurer for Swing Kids!

Events Coordinator This year we had two Events Coordinators. Next year we will be switching to one Events Coordinator and one PR Coordinator

The Events Coordinator creates and manages events for the Swing Kids at UW outside of the regular lessons and quarter dances. How they do this is somewhat up to them. It could mean creating bonding events and activities or running a weekly dance. Running a weekly dance requires a commitment of opening, closing finding a DJ, and collecting dues.

Current Officers:

Miranda Bumstead - Events Coordinator

Miranda Bumstead

If you have questions about coordinating Swing Kids events, talk to Miranda!

Cameron Zinke - Events Coordinator

Cameron Zinke

If you have questions about coordinating Swing Kids events, talk to Cameron!

PR Coordinator

The PR Coordinator engages with the UW and Seattle community with whatever their favorite tools are. These could be Facebook, Instagram posters, flash mobs, etc! They are also responsible for writing weekly club emails.

No current officer

Lessons Coordinator

The Lessons Coordinator books rooms for lessons to be held in each week. Other responsibilities include posting the room locations on the Facebook page and ensuring all lessons have space and instructors.

Current Officer:

Alexandria Spofford - Lessons Coordinator

Alexandria Spofford

Ask Alexandria about reserving rooms for every week of lessons and coordinating with The HUB!

Performance Captain

The Performance Captain organizes the performance group. *This is an appointed position, not elected. Please contact Ryan if interested*

Current Officer:

Ryan Grose - Performance Captain

Ryan Grose

Ask Ryan about leading the performance group and teaching solo jazz!