Swing Kids

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Swing Kids at UW teaches students swing dancing and brings them into the Seattle swing community.

Swing Kids Monday Dance

As a new development, Swing Kids at UW is proud to present "U Swing" -- a weekly Monday night dance in the wake of Savoy Mondays' closed doors.

Located at 414 NE 72nd Street Seattle, Washington 98115, the 48 will get you there in a jiff from U-district.
The dance starts at 9:15pm and runs until 12.

Entry is just $5*.
ALTERNATIVELY we offer an annual dance pass that is good through October of next year for just $100. That's over 150 hours of potential dancing! Now that's what I call a screaming deal.

There's no beginner lesson, but we will have designated assistants who will be glad to answer questions, give feedback, do a little teaching, and be generally helpful. They will be identifiable by an interrobang button.

Hopefully this is as exciting for you as it is for us officers.
See you on the dance floor!

*Card, cash, and check accepted for all transactions.

Lessons & Events

Lessons are taught every Wednesday in the HUB by Ben White. Member (advanced) lessons are from 5:30 to 6:30pm and beginner lessons are from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Intermediate lessons are offered winter and spring quarters taught at the same time as beginners. For beginners' lessons, it's just $20 for a quarter. For everyone, the full year price is $75 or $60 if paid within the first 3 weeks. Otherwise, lessons are $35 per quarter.

Swing Kids Events Calendar



Interested in becoming a part of Swing Kids? We'd love for you to join. Anyone is welcome, and the only requirement is that you pay your dues!


President: Amanda Woodcock

Amanda Woodcock


Amanda found swing dancing last summer while in San Diego and has engrossed herself in it ever since. On her return to Seattle she quickly became involved in any part of the Seattle scene she could shimmy into, including Swing Kids! Since then she has made her presence known, going to events and being an active member of both the Savoy Swing Club and the Swing Kids at UW. Amanda is completing her five year masters degree in Bioengineering at the UW, and in her spare time enjoys hiking, camping, vintage shopping, and being mom to her two cats Ginny and Hoops.

Vice President: Britton Stamper

Sean Dunn

Membership Coordinator

Sean is a Sophmore at the UW studying International Studies and Gender and Women's Sexuality Studies. Since moving to Seattle she has spent far to much of her time swing dancing and not enough time cooking. When not studying, dancing or sleeping she can most likely be found working at the Husky Grind. All she cares about is food and Women's rights.

Advertiser: Andrew Rodgers

Derek Maffet

Lessons Coordinator

Derek spent his undergrad at the UW studying Speech and Hearing Pathology. He went on to persue a masters degree in the same field but recently decided to enroll in Code Fellows. Derek found swing kids around two and a half years ago after taking a swing dancing class at UW, and has been dancing ever since.

Events Coordinator: Lorena Smith

Lorena Smith

Events Coordinator

Lorena is a senior at UW majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender Women and Sexuality Studies. She has been swing dancing with Swing Kids for the past four years. Some of her other hobbies include running, photography, traveling and camping.

Treasurer: John Jeng

John Jeng


John mostly fills his time with dancing, eating, sleeping, and math. He has spent about three years dancing - the most recent years with Swing Kids. He also enjoys being a salty bastard and eating twelve egg omlettes. Other hobbies include sleeping, making food and then eating it, and watching netflix.


Instructor: Ben White

Ben White

Ben is well known for his clear instruction and ability to break down and communicate technique while keeping classes entertaining and fun. His instructional resume includes co-founding Eastside Stomp, teaching at the University of Washington and other schools, and traveling for workshops all over the US and Canada. You can also find him leading swing dance classes at SalsaNSeattle or Savoy Swing Club, and working to organize events such as Big Sky Weekend, Emerald City Shuffle, and Northwest Followfest.