Student Veteran Association Members

   Name: Benjamin Wiselogle
   Service Dates: 2001 - 2007
   Current Studies: BA - Global Studies
   Email: Benzinow@hotmail
Double 50 cals
Ben served 6 years with the Navy and deployed twice; once to the Horn of Africa and once to the Middle East. He received an Honorable Discharge in 2007 and completed his BBA, with a marketing concentration, from Strayer University in 2010. Ben frequently volunteers his time and has spent a total of 4 months aiding the relief efforts in Haiti. His main goal is to carry on the mission of making UWB as Veteran friendly as possible.
Michael Bardo    Vice President

   Name: Michael Bardo
   Service Dates: 2002 - 2006
   Current Studies: BA - Business Admin.
Beer aboard the USS Dubuque, somewhere in the Pacific
Michael was born and raised in Rochester, NY. At 23 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He served 2 tours in Iraq as a Radio Operator/Forward Observer. He also deployed to Okinawa, Japan. After Michael separated from the Marines he moved to Seattle and completed his business pre-requisites. He then started attending UWB. He is currently a Senior and hopes to graduate in Spring 2011. Marines on Mount Suribachi
Mathew Haber    Secretary

   Name: Mathew Haber
   Service Dates:
   Current Studies: BS - Nursing
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Mark Fitzpatrick, SVA Secretary    Treasurer

   Name: Mark Fitzpatrick
   Service Dates: Active: 2000 - 2004
      Reserve: 2005 - Present
   Current Studies: BA - Business Admin.
Mark Fitzpatrick
Mark graduated from Issaquah High School in 1991 and worked in telecommunications and at Costco before joining the military. In 2000, he joined the Army as a cavalry scout and served as a gunner in a heavy armored cavalry squadron. He left active service in 2004 and joined the Washington Army National Guard in 2006. Mark received his Associates of Arts in Business from Bellevue Community College in 2008. His National Guard unit deployed to Baghdad, Iraq that fall and he served as the convoy commander for a Personal Security Detachment for the State Department. Upon his return in 2009, he transferred to the University of Washington Bothell. Mark has been working for King County Metro Transit as your friendly tattooed bus driver since 2006 and hopes to see you on his bus one day. This is his senior year and looks forward to graduating and moving into operations at Metro Transit. Mark Fitzpatrick
Aaron Middleton    Marketing & Public Relations

   Name: Aaron Middleton
   Service Dates:
   Current Studies: BA - Business Admin.
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Rosa Lundborg, SVA Faculty Advisor    Faculty Advisor

   Name: Rosa Lundborg
   Position: Manager, Office of Special Services
   Current Location: UW 1 Rm. 175
Rosa and the Vets on Memorial Day 2010
Bio coming soon... Rosa and Erin celebrating Memorial Day

Current Student-Veteran Association Officers:

President - Benjamin Wiselogle

Vice-President - Michael Bardo

Secretary - Mathew Haber

Treasurer - Mark Fitzpatrick

Marketing - Aaron Middleton

Faculty Advisor - Rosa Lundborg