SEBMAP is working on building a resource library of recommended books, articles, and web sites for information on evidence-based medicine.

General Web Sites

Cochrane Collaboration: Cochrane Reviws are a medical community standard for systematic reviews of research conduced on various topics. No time to read all the studies yourself? Check the free summaries in the Cochrane database.

No Naturopaths: A national watchdog website and campaign and against the licensing of naturopathic "doctors" in the US.

Science-Based Medicine: A large and frequently updated blog "exploring issues and controveries in science and medicine." A must-read resource!

The Skeptic's Dictionary: An easy-to-read encyclopedia of hoaxes, conspiracy theories, alternative medical claims, and more.

What's The Harm?: A huge list of people who have been killed or injured by alternative medicine, this collection answers the question, "What's the harm in alt med?"


I Like My Teeth: an accessable web site about the benefits of fluoride, perfect for sharing with family and friends without scientific backgrounds

Genetic Engineering / GMO foods

Allow Golden Rice Now!: A campaign to support the use of life-saving enriched rice crops in the developing world.

The Genetic Literacy Project: Cutting-edge technologies can stir a lot of passions, such as the multi-million dollar anti- genetic engineering arson at UW in 2001. Learn about the science and safety behind GMO foods, without the hype and hysteria you see in the media.

Mark Lynas: One of the founders of the anti-GMO movement, this environmentalist and author changed his mind after realizing that the science didn't support his beliefs.

Veterinary Medicine

The Centre for Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine: A British professional organization that promotes evidence-based vet med.

The Evidence-Based Veterinary Medical Association: A professional organization established to provide resources for vets on a variety of therapies, as well as advocate for evidence-based medicine in veterinary circles.

SkeptVet: A previous guest speaker at SEBMAP! A veterinarian looks at current news and controversies, and compares the research on alternative and faith-based medicine.

Women's / Reproductive Health

The Skeptical OB: A great evidence-based med blog by and obstetrician gynecologist and former instructor at Harvard Medical School.