Keynote Address

Jennifer Elisseeff

Lessons in Translation and New Directions in Biomaterials Research

UW Speakers

  • Prof. Elizabeth Nance: “Bridging the gap between synthetic identity and biological identity for nanotherapeutics”
  • Prof. Cole DeForest: “Genetically Encoded Photocleavable Linkers for Patterned Protein Release from Biomaterials”
  • Prof. Ying Zheng: “Microvascular Engineering for Organ-specific Tissue Regeneration and Disease Modeling”
  • Prof. Mehmet Sarikaya: “Molecular Biomimetics: Peptides based materials and systems for technology and medicine, from dental repair to cancer biosensors”
  • Prof. Suzie Pun: “pH-sensitive polymers for intracellular delivery of biologics”
  • Prof. Kelly Stevens: “Engineering Artificial Liver”


  • Umut Ulge, MD, PhD – Neoleukin Therapeutics
  • Alex Jiao, PhD – Nanosurface Biomedical
  • Charlie Roco, PhD – Split Bio
  • Abdu Alqas – DopCuff