Options for Seattle Area Teachers

Brain Awareness Week Open House

This annual event is held on the UW campus in March or April. A lecture by Dr. Eric Chudler and nearly 40 exhibits will walk your students through the wonders of the brain. Admission is free and is on a first come first serve basis. Registration opens in the fall.

Classroom Visits

Every year, many classrooms are turned down from attending the open house because of space or funding limitations.  If your class couldn’t come, we may be able to bring some of our most popular exhibits right to your classroom. Request a visit online!

K-12 Teachers

“Community resource angels like yourself make the teaching that I do so much more meaningful.”

Rosetta Lee, Seattle Girls School

Do you want to teach your students about the brain?

Conveying a basic understanding of how the brain works represents a great challenge to researchers and educators in neuroscience.

We can help.

“And now they want you for their science teacher, instead of me!”

Hamlin Robinson School

Challenges in Teaching

Challenge #1 Engaging students

We offer a range of interactive exhibits, allowing students a dynamic, hands-on experience.  Exhibits make use of a wide variety of senses to keep students interested and engaged.

Challenge #2 Explaining difficult neuroscience concepts

We ask questions designed to guide student thinking toward key neuroscience concepts and reinforce learning with a carefully prepared take-home message. We understand that individuals learn in different ways, so we make the most of spoken, visual and hands-on models in order to get the message across.

Challenge #3 Being flexible

Although we can predict how most students may experience a phenomenon, what they perceive is variable. We make it a point to validate what their experience, and tie their observations back to a neuroscience concept.

Teaching Resources

Video Demos

Watch as we guide students through some of our most popular exhibits.

Lesson Plans

Over 2,000 copies are downloaded each year. Download your copy for free!

Make a homunculus hat

A homunculus hat is

a fun way to

demonstrate functional

specialization in the

brain.  Learn how to make one with your class!

Also, visualize your

homunculus by taking

this test!

(Max Planck Florida)


The Society for Neuroscience NERVE website provides additional resources for K-12 educator


Buy fun brain-related merchandise to help inspire your class!

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