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Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlán

MOVIMIENTO was chosen because we are much more than an organization, more than just a network, much more than a coalition: WE ARE MOVEMENT; aim is self determination (deciding for ourselves, controlling our destiny) whose ideals and actions cannot be stopped until at aim is accomplished.

ESTUDIANTIL is appropriate because as students, we realize that we are only part of a much larger movement of people that includes farm workers, packing house workers, factory workers, professionals, and othe rs who are fighting for equality in their own struggles. ESTUDIANTIL was also chosen because o r main fight is for educational rights.

CHICANA/O is our identity; it rejects the old notion that we we re merely a minority group that was a part of the Anglo American melting pot. It is a symbol o f resistance and unity among Latinos, Mexicanos, Hispanos and Tejanos, and has come to represent the struggles and plight of all Latina/o people. It is a demand for self identity and an asser tion of the pride we have for our unique history and culture. It is the clearest expression of national consciousness, as well as the loudest demand for self-determination that we could express.

Chicana/o refers to ones attitude, political ideas, and ways of life; therefore, we welcome all to our organization that champion our similar goals and beliefs. Being a member of M.E.Ch.A. is not limited to a classification of color, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, se xuality orientation or ability. It means giving back to our community and neighborhoods. It means giving mor e opportunity to our children that what we had. It means never forgetting where we came from.

AZTLÁN is the idea that our movement is rooted in; it is important to understand that AZTLÁN is the spiritual concept which is at the heart of our struggle. AZTLÁN is not a land that we are trying to return to Mexico. Our concept of AZTLÁN does not recognize artificial boundaries. Our struggle and our work go beyond ownership of land, and is instead focused on a spiritual liberation.

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