Why Honduras?

Honduras is a small country located in the heart of Central America, bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Itís the second most impoverished country in the Western hemisphere (2005), about two-thirds of its 7.6 million inhabitants live in poverty. Education, health care and clean water are luxuries for the majority of the people there, and in the rural communities where we work, they are even scarcer.† Poverty here results in preventable deaths, malnourishment and thousands of abandoned children living on the streets.† However, with your help, we can bring an end to needless pain and suffering and bring hope and love into the lives of thousands.

How much will this trip cost?

Airfare (tax, charges, insurance)† ~$600-900

In-country fee = $750

Total Costs = $1350-1650 to go to Honduras for 7 days. This includes everything you will need once there: food, clean water, private buses, and secured lodging.

Will there be fundraising opportunities?

Yes! Throughout the entire school year before our summer trip, we will be providing various on and off campus fundraising opportunities that can help fund your trip. In fact, participation in fundraising events is mandatory to an extent.

Do I need vaccinations?

No vaccinations are required, however Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, and Malaria pills are recommended. Be sure to check updates through the CDC:

>> Centers For Disease Control

How many students will be traveling in brigades?


Where will we be staying?

The group will be flown to Tegucigalpa International Airport, and be picked up by bus to Nuevo Paraiso (about an hour away from the airport).

Volunteers will stay in fully functional hostels with security guards, clean water, in-house chefs, maids, as well as laundry service.

Is there free time on the trip?

Outside of the brigades, the only requirements are preparing for the next day of reconstruction and delivering health education. This leaves a great deal of free time to mingle and relax in Nuevo Paraiso.  Upon request, there can be a day during the week designated for sight-seeing.