Current Officers: 2005 - 2006

Hilariously out of date... apologies!

President: Tim Shockley


I am a first year graduate student at the iSchool pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science. I work in, and intend to continue working in, libraries around King County.

Vice-President: Ryan Benson

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I am a senior, just starting my degree in Political Science. I work in the Access Technology Lab where I am a lead in producing Braille.

Students with Disabilities Commission Director: Erica Sekins

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I am a pre-med student who hopes to one day be a kick ass medical practitioner, and not perpetuate abilism, heterosexism, sexism, racism, classism, or any other "ism" out there. I am thinking about a major in Biology with an emphasis in physiology, along with minors in women's studies minor and disability studies. I am a co-facilitator along with Ms. Ashley Mog of QTIIG (Queer women and Transgender Individuals Interest group), and spend the rest of my time eating, sleeping, working for BioNeuronics, and studying.

Action Coordinator: Yulia Arakelyan


I am a senior and a dance major. I'm interested in choreography, mixed abilities dance, Contact Improvisation, and performance. I perform regularly in Portland, OR and sometimes in Seattle. I'm also learning how to sail, and my dream is to sail the oceans.

Action Coordinator: Al Kolan


Bio Pending.

Director of Visual Arts: Owen Taylor


I'm currently a senior majoring in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts (focusing on Computer Animation) and currently I have plans to get my Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Washington. The main reason why I am involved in DASA has to do with my own disability challenges in achieving my academic goals. My goal as the Director of Visual Arts is to produce quality quarterly publications that will draw more individuals to our advocacy efforts.

Public Affairs: Ashley Mog


I'm a Women Studies and English major. I co-facilitate the Queer Women and Transgender Individuals Interest Group. I also volunteer for Lifelong AIDS Alliance. I hope to go into education after my BA. I like coffee, chocolate, and walking in the rain.

Webmaster: Kate Deibel

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I am best described as an educational researcher trapped in a Computer Science PhD program. My interests include accessible technology, reading, and human-computer interaction, and my intended thesis will be on computer-based accommodations for learners with reading disabiltiies. When not contemplating world domination schemes, I volunteer as an adult basic education tutor at Literacy Source.