There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian food options on UW campus! It IS possible to be vegan and live in the dorms.

Note: All information applies to UW-Seattle campus. If in doubt, it is always helpful to politely ask about the ingredients of a food item.

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If you're looking for vegan or vegetarian food on campus, you can find some very helpful symbols on the HFS website. As you can see, an orange carrot next to a menu item means that it's vegan and a green "v" means that it's vegetarian. However, an item may have a vegetarian symbol next to it, but also be vegan.


Basic information about residential dining at UW can be found from Housing and Food Services. The two main restaurants are Eleven 01 in Terry Hall and The 8 in McMahon Hall. Weekly menus for both of these restaurants are posted online with accompanying symbols to make it easy to find vegan and vegetarian food.

There are also several express markets on campus where any one can buy fresh and packaged foods. There are many vegan and vegetarian foods sold in these markets, including ready to eat foods and fruit.

Street Food

All of the menus at the street food trucks will soon contain symbols indicating which items are vegan. Trucks are open from 10am-3pm and are located in Red Square and the More Hall lawn.

Hot Dawgs: One dawg option is a vegan Field Roast sausage, however, the buns are not vegan. All of the relishes and toppings are vegan with the exception of the cream cheese.

Red Square BBQ: Vegan Field Roast sausage is offered as a meatless option, however, the buns are not vegan. All sauces and the BBQ Beans are vegan. The BBQ Plate is vegan when ordered with Field Roast.

Siganos: Siganos offers two choices of vegan meats, Gardein Chick'n and Beef-less. The rice and beans plate, chips, salsas, cilantro-lime rice and charro beans are vegan. The tacos, taco plate, burritos, burrito bowls, nachos can be made vegan when ordered with Gardein vegan meat and without cheese.

Motosurf: The Kalbi Marinated Tofu, Asian Slaw, Sticky rice and Haupia are vegan.


Pagliacci's Pizza: reports that the pizza dough and tomato sauce is vegan. Ordered without cheese, a veggie pizza would be vegan. Pagliacci's is located in Terry Hall.

Freshėns:The smoothies bases are not vegan, as they contain vitamin D3.

Subway: The ingredients for all items at Subway can be found on their website here. A summary of all vegan items can be found at Subway is located in By George, in Odegaard Library.

Vista Cafe: Oodle's Salad is vegan when ordered with tofu and the ponzu or lime-ginger-cilantro dressing.

Cafe 815: Vegan Mighty-O donuts and can be purchased here.

Coffee Carts: At many carts, bagels and Mighty-O donuts can be purchased.

Looking for vegan food off campus? Check out Veg Seattle, Seattle Vegan or get everything on one sheet in pdf form from Action For Animals.

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Last updated 04/25/11.