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iYouth Happenings – Spring 2009

Anne Dame

iYouth is still reveling in the glow of their successful conference in January. With over 120 people in attendance and favorable evaluations from attendees as well as presenters in hand, all those who were involved with the planning of the event are well-pleased.

However, not being ones to rest on their laurels, the members of iYouth are already busy with other tasks and projects. Jen Knight is heading up a group to attend WLA where they will be giving some amazing booktalks. Here’s the line-up of speakers, so be sure to check them out if you are also going to be at WLA:

  • Mary Comstock - Teen Books
  • Grace Fitzgerald - Tween Books
  • Stefanie Graen - Children's Books
  • Julia Kelso - Teen books
  • Jennifer Knight - Children's Books
  • Annie Lewis - Children's Books
  • Laura Schick - Teen Books

February also included a few iYouth events. The first was a panel, planned in conjunction with iDiversity, called Cross-Cultural Communication. This panel of four librarians talked about real, practical, and positive ways to celebrate and incorporate diversity into a library setting. There was also a lunch meeting at Schultzy’s for all those interested in shaping the future of iYouth. With at least 20 people in attendance, you can definitely look forward to more great things from iYouth. In addition, the new slate of officers has been elected and they will soon be meeting with the current officers for the “passing of the torch.” Hearty congratulations to:

  • President: Erin Sterling & Samantha Walters
  • Secretary/Historian: Emmy Burns & Amelia Herring
  • Treasurer: Sarah Julsonnet
  • Webmaster: Yunju Chen
  • Publicity/Community Relations: Sara Lachman & Laura Mielenhausen

A big iSchool event in March was the ALISS book sale. In conjunction with this event, and co-sponsored by ALISS, iServe and iYouth, was a special book drive to collect children and YA books to be donated to ReaderGirlz and Page Ahead. Page Ahead is a local organization dedicated to promoting reading and information literacy to under-served populations. Thank you to everyone who donated books, as three full bins were collected! Several members of iYouth, as well as other iSchool students and alumni, continue to help Page Ahead by volunteering at their site unpacking and sorting books as well as by leading story-times year-round.

Readergirlz, the group mentioned above, is another exciting organization that deserves lots of recognition. They are dedicated to promoting literature for inspiring girls, to celebrate strong females, and to get the inside scoop on books written for girls. iYouth was able to bring ReaderGirlz to the UW campus for a wonderful panel and discussion event. One other thing that is vital to the ReaderGirlz is advancing particular causes about which they feel strongly. Their current one is Operation Teen Book Drop in recognition of “Support Teen Literature Day” on April 16th. You can be a part of this simply by leaving a book in a public place where someone else can pick it up and enjoy it.

The April gathering of the iYouth book club is being dedicated to a meeting of the new and current officers for an informational and strategic planning session. Those interested in the future of iYouth are welcome to attend. It will be held on Monday, April 13th from 9:30-10:30 in MGH 310D. To help maintain the vitality and excitement of iYouth, please plan to join us!

Whew! iYouth sure has been busy doing fabulous stuff. Be on the look out for future book club meetings, panels and other exciting events!

April 15, 2009
Vol. XIII Issue 2

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