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ALISS Storefront on Café Press

Mary Comstock

Looking for Emergency Librarian Merchandise?  Perhaps you want to wear your Documentalope proudly? Check out the ALISS storefront at Café Press

We have a variety of merchandise with either the Emergency Librarian logo or the Documentalope logo:

Emergency Librarian Shirt Documentalope Magnet
Documentalope Mug Emergency Librarian Cap


You can find clothing items like t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and baseball caps, or gift items such as coasters, mouse pads, mugs, clocks, or aprons.  These are perfect for graduation gifts or just a boost to your wardrobe. Spring will come someday to Seattle; don’t you need a new t-shirt?  Not every item has both styles but you are sure to find something that works for you--or just buy two!

I ordered a sweatshirt myself (Emergency Librarian, natch), the price was reasonable, the delivery was fast, and the quality is great. So don’t hesitate, get something for yourself.

On your way to Café Press, don’t forget that the ALISS book sale continues online.
All proceeds from our storefronts benefit ALISS and the students at the Information School.  Buy a sweatshirt and a book and you’ll be helping to fund programs and speakers as well as community building events such as the annual Spring Fling.  See you at Café Press and on Amazon!

April 15, 2009
Vol. XIII Issue 2

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