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 title of the newsletter: The Silverfish


April/May 2004

Vol VIII Issue IV

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Judging A Book By Its Cover

By Jenine Lillian, MLIS Day
Spring is in the air and it’s time to pursue all of those extracurricular activities! Whether you’re a budding film maker, a mathematician, a geneticist or a top-notch chef, this book list will help you get started. If you’re looking for leisure reading, I hope you find inspiration from these REAL books. (Trust me, I couldn’t make this stuff up.)


All I Need To Know About FILMMAKING I Learned From The Toxic Avenger: The Shocking True Story of Troma Studios--Chopper Chicks! Surf Nazis! Tromeo and Juliet! Toxic Violence! Guerilla Filmmaking! Poor Hygiene!

A Good Hard KICK In the Ass: Basic Training for Entrepreneurs

What It Means to Be 98% Chimpanzee: Apes, People and Their Genes

Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements

Kill Duck Before Serving: Red Faces At The New York Times: A collection of the newspaper's most interesting, embarrassing and off-beat corrections


Honorary title (for subject matter):
In the Stacks: Short Stories About Libraries and Librarians

The 500 Best Urban Legends Ever!

Dreams of Dead Women's Handbags (collected stories)

The Hipster Handbook

Thoughts For A Bad Hair Day


Jenine Lillian's monthly column Judging A Book By Its Cover includes weird and wacky titles of real books found on library shelves. If you find weird books in your travels, send them to and they just might make it on the top 10.











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