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Hi! My name is Yim Register (they/them)

I study how to support self-advocacy and empowerment within machine learning contexts online.

I'm a PhD student at the University of Washington iSchool working with Emma Spiro in the Data Lab. I am an NSF GRFP Fellow (which is pretty dope!). I am also a member of the MD4SG Data Economies Working Group.

I use they/them pronouns because I'm a nonbinary person, which might be new to you and that's okay. We are all learning together. I study the intersection of self-advocacy and machine learning literacy. I use co-liberation and implement interventions for marginalized communities to advocate for their needs in an ML-driven world; from resisting diet culture in the newsfeed to helping students understand admissions metrics.

I love to infuse joy and play into all things that I do, including a series of lessons for RStudio called Data Science for Software Engineering. Here is a fun tutorial I built for teaching Linear Regression on your own data, called LearnMyData. Or an introduction to the Fragile Families Project for new Data Science students. I write about machine learning, autism, therapy, computing, teaching, and more on my Medium profile. May we all believe in a better world, and spark joy in each other to make that possible.

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  • inprep

    Developing self-advocacy skills for Facebook users through machine learning education

    Using their own Facebook data, participants learn how User-Based Collaborative Filtering works and then advocate for themselves for situations where the algorithm recommends something harmful.

  • ICER2020

    Learning Machine Learning on Personal Data Helps Stakeholders Ground Advocacy Arguments in Model Mechanics

    Univesity students learn linear regression and gradient descent on their own grade history, then advocate for themselves when the model makes a wrong prediction.

  • currentwork

    Instagram Algorithmic Sensemaking and Self-Advocacy

    Inspired by the work of fat activists on Instagram, I am exploring how people stand up for themselves and explain algorithmic harm, such as flagging fat users as NSFW, the infamous "shadowban" and other silencing of marginalized voices.

  • MyBook

    Life Lessons from Algorithms

    Just like algorithms take in data to shape the truth, so does the human brain. This book takes you on a journey through common algorithms in the modern world, and helps you use lessons from those algorithms to retrain your brain for self-love.

  • rstudio

    Data Science for Software Engineers: busting software myths with R

    Discussing work from my Rstudio Internship about teaching key data science skills to software engineers


Art & Extras

I make art to help us reshape our relationship to social media and technology.


Quotes from my Book