Welcome! This is Yuying’s homepage. (It’s still in construction … but it is serviceable now!)

I will regularly post some fun aspects about my incredibly exciting PhD journey in the form of blogs & photos, as well as share interesting scientific ideas that could possibly change the world.

This is my system

  • Research | Create | Travel
  • Be Energetic, Be Smart and Be Humble.
  • Think Big, Do Small, Dive Deep.
  • Insist on the Highest Standard.
  • Take Ownership.


Yuying wants to be an Applied (Engineering) Scientist, meaning, a person who appreciate the glory of Physics and Mathematics while also be able to Engineer the ideas to make them measurable.

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C1 _Termial Hackathon: a Starter (Python)

Github Code: https://github.com/luckystarufo/_Terminal_CorrelationOne [# Update 01/02/2019: as requested by Correlation One, the repo doesn’t contain my original codes anymore…] In this blog, I will share my Hackathon experience in this winter break. It’s related to an online game called _Terminal, which is rather new and still under some sort of tests. I was one of …

Extract Info from Human Walking Data with Dynamic Mode Decomposition

This is my first post, I’ll do something very simple: ADVERTISE the methodology that our applied mathematicians use in data analysis. Unlike statisticians or computer scientists, we usually start from ‘dynamical system’ point of view. To give you a taste of what I mean, a method called dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) will be offered as …


Let’s get in touch! (Welcome bribes in the form of hotpot.)

  • If you have academic pursuit and interesting ideas related to Data Science and Dynamical System (especially networks), please don’t hesitate to email me. Moreover, if you happen to be in Seattle, I am more than happy to grab a drink with you. My email address is: yliu814@uw.edu