Amy Cuddy Round-Table and Lecture

Women in Chemical Science was excited to host visiting lecturer Amy Cuddy last Wednesday, November the 13th.  We started off our time with her having a round-table discussion about being in graduate school.  Amy listened to us talk about our unique takes on graduate school and gave us advice on giving lectures, taking second year exams, and managing in a field full of dominant personalities.

Later that evening, we met for a private reception where we all mingled with the Graduate School, who were fundamental in organizing this event.  Finally, we sat down to watch Amy’s lecture Connect, Then Lead.  Amy discussed the importance of interpersonal warmth in addition to (and oftentimes ahead of) competence as a necessary tool for leadership.  She also summarized her TED talk (found here) and discussed the many responses she’s received on it.  Of course, being a horse person, my favorite story would be how a horse trainer used power posing to bring out the confidence in a horse named Vafi!  (Check it out here!)

Thank you Amy Cuddy for an unforgettable day!  Many of us agreed: it was one of the best days ever!


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  1. Sarah

    This event was really one of the best things ever and came together both because of Amy Cuddy being an amazing person and the folks that make up our group. Thank you everyone for all the hard work and thoughtful discussion!

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