Vicky Zayats

Research Scientist at Google.
vzayats [at] company [dot] com
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I completed my PhD in ECE Department at University of Washington, advised by Mari Ostendorf. I am working on Natural Language Processing, where my main interests include multimodal representation learning, reading comprehension, spoken language processing, and NLP for social media. Specifically, I worked on improving disfluency detection, predicting influencial comments on Reddit, and Question Answering on tables.


  • Disfluencies and Human Speech Transcription Errors
    V.Zayats, T.Tran, R.Wright, C.Mansfield, M.Ostendorf [pdf][data]
    Submitted to Interspeech, 2019

  • Giving Attention to the Unexpected: Using Prosody Innovations in Disfluency Detection
    V.Zayats and M.Ostendorf [pdf][code]
    NAACL, 2019

  • Robust cross-domain disfluency detection with pattern match networks
    V.Zayats and M.Ostendorf [pdf][code]

  • Conversation modeling on Reddit using a graph-structured LSTM
    V.Zayats and M.Ostendorf [pdf][code]
    TACL, 2018

  • Disfluency Detection using a Bidirectional LSTM
    V.Zayats, M.Ostendorf and H.Hajishirzi [pdf]
    Interspeech, 2016

  • Talking to the crowd: What do people react to in online discussions?
    A.Jaech, V.Zayats, H.Fang, M.Ostendorf, H.Hajishirzi [pdf]
    EMNLP, 2016

  • Unediting: Detecting Disfluencies Without Careful Transcripts
    V.Zayats, M.Ostendorf and H.Hajishirzi [pdf]
    NAACL, 2015

  • Multi-Domain Disfluency and Repair Detection
    V.Zayats, M.Ostendorf and H.Hajishirzi [pdf]
    Interspeech, 2014

  • Manipulating stance and involvement using collaborative tasks: An exploratory comparison
    V.Freeman, J.Chan, G.A.Levow, R.Wright, M.Ostendorf, V.Zayats [pdf]
    Interspeech, 2014

  • Exciton annihilation as bimolecular loss in organic solar cells
    L.Tzabari, V.Zayats, N.Tessler [pdf]
    Journal of Applied Physics, 2013

  • Effect of latency time in high frequencies on sound localization
    V.Evelkin, I.Cohen [pdf]
    IEEE 27th Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel, 2012