Hung Gar Kuen (洪家拳) [Photos]
Hung Gar Kuen is a complex name that takes into account several different iterations. The name Hung Gar Kuen is used interchangeably with Hung Ga, and Hung Kuen. They all refer to the same basic style, but each may have slight deviations from a central dogma. Hung Gar means, literally, Hung Family and was short for the term Hung Family Boxing/Fighting. Hung Kuen literally means “Immense Fist”. Hung Gar Kuen is nothing more than a blend of the two terms. It is essentially meaningless to translate it directly into English, but if forced to, it would be something like “The Immense Fist Style of Boxing of the Hung Family”

Hung Gar is one of the five main martial arts of the Southern Chinese Family, it is a hard, external style that emphasizes short, quick, powerful punches and kicks. Students undergo intense stance training and physical conditioning to develop balance, power, and speed. Hung Ga is an excellent means of developing a strong healthy body as well as an effective form of self defense

Hun Gar is officially an external martial art although some would argue that this is miscategorized and that a true Hung Gar lineage would feature Qi development, however the UW club does not require Qi development in its regimen, although no one would try to say that such development would harm progress in Hung Gar.