Executive Team

Executive Team


Crystal Le is currently a senior majoring in Business Administration (Marketing) and Law, Societies, and Justice. As President, she works with the entire executive team to coordinate events and activities that would advance UWiB's mission of advocating for women. She is the main point of contact for internal and external stakeholders and hopes to be a positive light in the Foster hallways!

Vice President

Audrey Hebert is currently a senior majoring in marketing, minoring in environmental studies, and pursing a certificate in sales. As Vice President, she will assist the President in pursing the goals of UWiB through maintaining operations and speaker relations.

Director of Administration

Norma Martinez is currently a Sophomore majoring in Accounting and Information Systems with a minor in Real Estate. As Director of Administration, she focuses on the weekly email newsletters and managing UWiB's contact with students and professionals.

Director of Ext. Relations

Katauna Loeuy is currently a senior majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. As Director of External Relations, she is responsible for connecting with business professionals in the community to build UWiB’s network, while also managing our mentorship programs and co-leading the Public Relations committee. 

Director of Finance

Christina Bayouk is currently a junior majoring in Accounting with a minor in Arabic. As Director of Finance, she manages incoming member dues, creates budgets to guide UWiB's spending, and ensures that our 501(c)(3) status is maintained.

Director of Fundraiser

Lisa Hu is currently a sophomore majoring in Marketing and Information Systems. As Director of Fundraiser, she is responsible for elaborately planning and executing UWiB's Annual "Paving the Way" Scholarship Fundraiser in Spring Quarter. 

Director of Marketing

Nicole Martin is currently a Junior majoring in Marketing and Information Systems. As Director of Marketing, she is responsible for strategizing and executing a plan to market the club to students and the larger community, as well as designing all online and offline content. She also leads the Marketing Committee throughout the year.

Director of Philanthropy

Amanda White is currently a Junior majoring in Marketing with a minor in Environmental Studies. As Director of Philanthropy, she organizes and carries out philanthropy events, such as discussions, volunteering opportunities, and non-profit fundraisers. She also leads the Philanthropy committee where members can be involved in the planning and execution of these activities throughout the year.

Director of Publicity

Brielle Sydow is currently a Senior majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Dance. As Director of Publicity, she is responsible for creating and implementing content from all club events for UWiB's many online platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, our official website, etc.) that she manages. 

Director of Procurement

Julisan Garcia is currently a Senior majoring in Information Systems while simultaneously earning her Certificate in International Business in Spanish at Foster. As Director of Procurement, she reaches out to local companies of the Greater Seattle area to procure items that are auctioned during the annual UWiB fundraiser in the spring. In her role, she leads the procurement committee where members help aid and assist in expressing UWiB's interest in their business. 

Director of Student Relations

Clarissa Gunadharma is currently a senior majoring in Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. As Director of Student Relations, she is responsible for recruitment and building the student community while coordinating external events with UWiB's network.