About UWiB


The mission of the Undergraduate Women in Business (UWiB) Association is to strive towards advancing the continued progress of women in business through educating and encouraging their individual development as business professionals, and assist in the exploration of multiple career opportunities. UWiB will seek to promote greater awareness and understanding of ongoing issues and challenges that women presently face in business, while providing professional relationships with female business leaders for the undergraduate community.

Career Development

Provide networking and career opportunities


Foster a sense of community between undergraduate female business students and the greater business community

Equal Opportunity

Cultivate a sense of community with all students by promoting equal opportunity and fairness


Provide educational seminars and workshops on a variety of topics


Promote women as leaders in business


Provide and promote awareness of the discrimination and issues that business women continue to face within this competitive industry


Emphasize the importance of women’s roles in business


Educate young businesswomen and prepare them for their future in business


It was the year 2005, winter quarter, in the Business Communications 301 course at the UW Business School where two young women, Amber Waisanen and Raychael Jensen, first met.


Complete strangers, the two were assigned to the same group project. The team set out to conduct research on analyzing the premier Business Schools in the nation. Amber was browsing the University of Pennsylvania website and noticed that there was a Wharton Women in Business Club that took precedence as the most popular and recognized student organization on campus. After researching their own university’s student organizations, to their great surprise, the two realized that the University of Washington didn’t have an undergraduate women in business student organization already established.


After wrapping up their project, Amber and Raychael discovered they shared a passion for serving their community and giving back to the university and community at large. They wanted to start an organization that would provide the undergraduate population with the knowledge and resources they needed to become more effective and powerful business leaders while making a positive impact on the business community.


Several months later as summer began to set in, the two met over Vanilla Soy Lattes and Iced White Chocolate Mochas, to develop a plan to found the Undergraduate Women in Business (UWiB) Association at the University of Washington. The underlying mission was simple: Connect and Prepare the Next Generation of Female Business Leaders.


Amber and Raychael spent the summer of 2005 working hard to establish and build key relationships with successful women business leaders in the community, garnering their support and network to build the foundation for UWiB. After much planning, relationship building, and support garnering, Amber and Raychael officially kicked off their recruiting efforts for the founding team in the Fall quarter of 2005. Working hard to build the perfect team, they drafted key positions and conducted countless interviews, resulting in an amazing founding executive team.


Collectively the team developed the founding constitution of UWiB which detailed the organization’s mission, goals, and structure. In December 2005, UWiB was officially recognized as a student organization at the University of Washington. Our kick-off event featured then CEO of REI, Sally Jewell. UWiB is fortunate to receive continued support from our founding executive team and our entire alumni base. In January 2016, UWiB proudly celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We look forward to the next decade of UWiB and continuing to connect and prepare the next generation of female business leaders.


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