The Identity Bridge

The focus of this installation is to ask participants about how they see and present themselves to others in the workplace.

It also questions whether or not these are aspects people are ready to share in the larger Seattle community.

In the conversation space, questions on a rotating display inspire participants to consider various aspects of identity, which they can write on either side of a card (“To myself, I am…” & “To others, I am…”).

Infographics and posters encourage conversation and sharing with others in the area.

After contemplating individual identity, a participant can pin up their card on a communally built monument. Here, they are able to view the diversity of identities both inside and outside the workplace. Participants can relate, connect to, and understand others in their community. In order to bring the conversation of identity outside the installation, they can also have the option to take and keep pictures with their cards in front of the bridge.


Over the course of 5 months, our team worked hard to conduct user research to understand the problem space. Through interviews, we put ourselves into the shoes of Seattle's workers, to gather the insights needed to decide where they stood in the workforce and how their identity played into it.



Our next step was to piece together what we learned through our primary and secondary research to shape it into a tangible installation for the festival. While ideating, we considered not only how best to present the information, but also how to make it interactive for all ages. Ultimately, we settled on allowing the public to add to the installation, forming a comunally built monument of everyone's identities. The installation itself would be a test of trust by putting yourself out in the open.


With our installation planned out, we got started prototyping models, both 3d in Fusion 360, and physical ones.



The actual construction of our installation proved challenging, requiring lots of planning of materials and structure. "Measure twice, cut once." became our motto, as we built both the bridge and info stands.

brys Brys Fleming Henning
olivia Olivia Tang
terrene Terrene Huang
patrick Patrick Mao
christine Christine Lee
claire Claire Kantner
angel Angel the Cat

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