Future Members

Concrete Canoe is a student RSO at the University of Washington. We are open to students of all backgrounds and have the goal of building an engineering challenge, a concrete canoe. So if you’re interested in joining a club of aspiring engineers, then Concrete Canoe is for you!

Here are some steps on how to get involved:
1. Email our team email: uwconcretecanoe@gmail.com (be sure to use your UW email)
2. Check out our subteams page and figure out which ones interests you
3. Our management team will email you back with our Discord Server link
4. Feel free to reach out to specific subteam leads in the Discord.
5. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Outreach Lead/Co-Captain, Kirby Le Bui on the server!

Current Members

Further involvement for team members for the 2022 Winter Quarter will need to get certain training from leads for the research & building stages of the Concrete Canoe. In-person activities are currently the following subteams:

1. Construction
2. Mix Design
3. Paddling

Message those leads on Discord or wait for any announcements for those events! COVID guidelines are still held for each subteam. Generally, social distance and mask are required for these events. But each subteam has additional guidelines.

Virtual Workshops/Team Times are still held for the following Subteams:

1. Outreach (Website Development, Social Media, etc.)
2. Structural Analysis
3. Hull Design
4. Aesthetics
5. Competition/Finance (Technical Presentation, Project Proposal, Regional Planning, etc.)