Video Credit: University of Washington, 2016

Who We Are

Here at Concrete Canoe, we build a canoe entirely out of concrete! That sounds like a tall task, but we’re a group of determined students who love problem solving, teamwork, and working towards a project bigger than ourselves! Joining our team will give you experience in engineering, communication, and teamwork that is vital for any internship or professional career. There is no application process and we are open to students from all backgrounds.

What We Do

As you can guess, we build a canoe out of concrete every year! ASCE’s Concrete Canoe Competition is a challenge put out to colleges across the world to promote innovation, creativity, and fun! We compete at the Regional Pacific Northwest Competition every year with the goal of participating in the National Competition.

What We Stand For

Our organization stands for inclusivity, ingenuity, and (being) incredible.

Inclusivity: Our organization strives to be on the edge of inclusivity. Within the sphere of engineering, we strive to continue to push boundaries and provide a safe working environment for our team

Ingenuity: Tackling such a complex project, the team is constantly innovating to find new, creative solutions to shatter expectations.

(Being) Incredible: I mean look at what the teams from our university have done! Building a canoe out of concrete sounds crazy, but our teams do it every year without fail. We want to continue this history of being incredible, and we hope you can join us!