Indoor Dove Owner’s Guide

Dove Owner's Guide

The website “Indoor Dove Owner's Guide” will inform readers of basic guidelines for keeping doves as indoor pets. It will focus on food, behaviors, environments, and enclosures that are important to be mindful of when owning a dove indoors. The info page will have a form for dove owners to upload photos of their dove. There will be descriptions of the differences between outdoor dove keeping and indoor dove keeping, and will have examples of the kinds of environments that make doves comfortable indoors, such as the placement of their cage apparel, and having enough room to fly around in short bursts. Additionally, there will be a page for feeding doves, with information on food preparation and frequency. It will include a list of human foods that are safe for bird owners to share with their birds, as doves are excellent foragers and are likely to come into contact with human food scraps. There will be a page on the habits of doves, and how to facilitate their happiness by enabling their natural habits as much as possible. It will include photos and videos of dove behaviors, such as challenging, courting, bonding, and preening At the top of each page, the website should be navigable by a navigation bar along the top of the webpage.