Chemistry Conversations

Chemistry Conversations is Free Radicals/Phi Lambda Upsilon’s monthly faculty talk and conversation series.

What exactly is Chemistry Conversations?

Very often, undergraduate students have very little chance to mingle with faculty; generally, the majority of interactions they’ll have is in the context of a class, which leaves little room to talk about, well, anything other the class content. At the same time, faculty talks and seminars often center on highly technical chemistry topics. While they’re wonderful, they are also difficult for many undergrads to engage in fully.
That’s a gap we hope to fill with Chemistry Conversations. Each month, we provide a casual, no-stress environment—with coffee and snacks!—for students to engage in a two-way exchange of ideas with a UW faculty member in chemistry or biochemistry. In addition, we hope to hand off organization of these conversation series to Phi Lambda Upsilon members to organize in the future, giving members an even greater opportunity to connect with the professors that they invite.

Presentation Slides

Want to refer back to a slide from a Chemistry Conversations presentation? Slides will be uploaded here for easy access.
December 2015 – Professor Anne McCoy: From Bench to ASAP [PDF]

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