Introducing: Chemistry Conversations talk series

Free Radicals and Phi Lambda Upsilon are excited to introduce our new monthly talk and conversations series, Chemistry Conversations! Very often, undergraduate students have very little chance to mingle with faculty; generally, the majority of interactions they’ll have is in the context of a class, which leaves little room to talk about, well, anything other the class content. At the same time, faculty talks and seminars often center on highly technical chemistry topics. While they’re wonderful, they are also difficult for many undergrads to engage in fully.

That’s a gap we hope to fill with Chemistry Conversations. Each month, we provide a casual, no-stress environment—with coffee and snacks!—for students to engage in a two-way exchange of ideas with a UW faculty member in chemistry or biochemistry. In addition, we hope to hand off organization of these conversation series to Phi Lambda Upsilon members to organize in the future, giving them an even greater opportunity to connect with the professors that they invite.

For our very first installment in November, we had Professor AJ Boydston give a very informative talk about the life of a chemistry professor, and pathways to that career, and he did a wonderful job conveying this career path and how he found himself in it to our eager attendees. Many thanks, Professor Boydston!

For December, we have another installment of Chemistry Conversations lined up, “From Bench to Article ASAP”. Professor Anne McCoy, who moved to the UW from Ohio State University just this year, will be leading a conversation about how science moves from experimental results to a published paper and about careers in theoretical chemistry. Professor McCoy is the Deputy Editor of the Journal of Physical Chemistry A, and so we are exceptionally lucky to have her revealing the inside workings of the publishing process!

This conversation will be on Tuesday, December 8 at 5:00 pm in CHB 102. RSVP at the Facebook event here; see you then!

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