omar ibrahim


a computer scientist with a passion for music, web design, and teaching, and a strong dislike of capital letters.


i'm a 21 year old computer scientist based in seattle, washington. i recently graduated with my B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in informatics from the university of washington, and I'm planning on pursuing a graduate degree studying computer science education. i'm currently the instructional lecturer for intro to computer programming 1 at the university of washington

04.10.21 | sigcse 2021 post-mortem

SIGCSE 2021 was the first, and, as I move ever closer to graduating this year, seemingly the last academic conference of my college career. I’ve heard faculty members talk about all the issues with the conference, and I get where they’re coming from, but for me, and maybe because it was my first conference, it was amazing; it was a lifeline...

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11.09.20 | building a new website

at the beginning of every school year, i feel like a different person, creatively, than the year before. so every school year, i redesign my portfolio site to reflect where i'm currently at. being in my senior year and applying to grad schools, i got pretty behind and didn't end up updating it until i got a spur of inspiration and wrote the whole thing this last weekend. so welcome to omar's portfolio 4.0!