“I think more classrooms should host scientists...”

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University of Washington, Seattle

Neurosci Community Outreach

Who are we?

We’re an award-winning student-directed organization from University of Washington, Seattle.  Our mission is to promote public awareness and understanding of neuroscience through educational outreach activities.

Upcoming Events

What do we do? We share our knowledge and experience in neuroscience with a wide range of audiences that include students at all levels-- from elementary through adult education. If you are a student, staff or faculty at University of Washington, learn more about why we do outreach, or become a member by clicking the button below.

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“What’s the one thing you wish you knew about the brain?”https://students.washington.edu/nbout/TheBrainQuestion/
List of membershttps://students.washington.edu/nbout/outreach/members/
“I enjoy seeing kids enthused about science, and the brain specifically. My hope is that something stuck in their brains by the time they left.”

Ben Land, Ph.D., former memberhttps://students.washington.edu/nbout/extras/quotes.html

The Brain Question

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