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University of Washington, Seattle

Are you a new member?

Would you like to participate but you’re unsure where to begin? The suggestions below might help you get started.

Brain Awareness Week Open House

This annual event is held on the UW campus in March or April. Over 700 students from the Seattle area visit nearly 40 interactive exhibits about the brain. This event is a great way to see all of our exhibits in action and get a feel for teaching K-12 students.  Info sessions are held prior to the event each year for new volunteers.  Sign up to volunteer in January and February.

Classroom Visits

Every year, many classes are turned down from attending the open house because of space or funding limitations. In many of these cases, we bring the fun to them! Volunteer to participate in a classroom visit led by a member with previous experience.  These visits are a good opportunity to get familiar with many of our exhibits. Upcoming visits are announced by email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Video Demos

Still unsure of what to expect? Watch as we guide students through some of our most popular exhibits.

The Brain Question Backstage

All members are invited to answer questions about the brain.  This is a web-based service created and powered by members like you.  Start getting questions into your inbox! (Members only)

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Watch the introductory video

Want to get more involved?

Are you interested in becoming an officer? Do you wonder what the officers do behind the scenes?  Read on for more information.

Event Planning and Coordination

Coordinates events such as Brain Awareness Week and classroom visits.  The officers plan BAW with Dr. Eric Chudler.  Classroom visit requests are initially handled by a single officer, the K-12 Liaison, who is responsible for finding someone to organize and lead the actual event.

Membership Management

Handles membership requests, manages mailing lists, maintains status as a Registered Student Organization (RSO), sends newsletters, and organizes social events.  The goal of this division is to create a sense of community among the members and keep everyone well informed of upcoming events.

Web & Multimedia Content

Maintains our public website.  The website is critical for connecting with fellow members, scientists, teachers, sponsors, and the general public.  Online content include lesson plans, photos and videos. Additionally, requests for classroom visits and group membership are all initiated online. 

Marketing and Public Relations

Initiates and maintains fundraising efforts, through grant writing and advertising. 

Ready to do more?  Need to quit?

Change status or cancel at anytime.

What kind of memberships are there?


Have only a few hours here and there throughout the year?  Regular membership is right for you.  As a member you can participate in any and all of our events, as your schedule permits.  You will not be expected to attend monthly organizational meetings, but you’ll always be welcome.


If you want to be involved on a more ongoing basis, officer membership is right for you.  As an officer, you’ll help run the organization behind the scenes, in addition to participating in events as your schedule permits.  You will be expected to attend organizational meetings.

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“Having us all work together to get kids excited about neuroscience is very rewarding. We can achieve a lot when we pool our resources and talents.” 

 Bryan White, Ph.D., Co-founder

Neurosci Community Outreach

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