CSE 143 DC Autumn 2016

Welcome to CSE 143 DC! Here, you will find weekly recaps, weekly tips and suggested Practice-It problems, and various CS-related resources. Watch our site grow as we learn new topics :D.

Resources for exploring computing within and outside of your coursework. Let me know if you would like additional resources featured here!


Facebook Internship for College Underclassmen

Paid, 8 week program designed to provide mobile development experience to students who are historically under-represented in computer science. Find out more here!

Google Internship for College Underclassmen

The Engineering Practicum program is a 12-week developmental opportunity for first and second-year undergraduate students with a passion for technology -- especially students from historically underrepresented groups in the field. Find out more here!

Intel Internship for College Underclassmen

Find out more about Intel's Early Internship for Software Engineering (IRISE) here!

Microsoft Internship for College Underclassmen

Paid, 12 week summer internship program specifically designed for college underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) and offers a rotational experience that enables you to gain experience in our different software engineering roles. Find out more here!

Articles, blogs, and other online resources to explore various topics related to computer science within and beyond CSE 143.

Miscellaneous Resources


CSE Gets Major Boost with $10 Million Donation From Amazon

October 6, 2016: Amazon is giving a major push to the campaign to build a second Computer Science & Engineering building on the University of Washington campus with a $10 million gift.

Interscatter Communication Enables First-Ever Implanted Devices, Smart Contact Lenses, and Credit Cards that "Talk" Wi-Fi

August 17, 2016: “Interscatter” communication developed by UW engineers allows power-limited devices such as brain implants, contact lenses, credit cards and smaller wearable electronics to talk to everyday devices such as smartphones and watches.

2016 Tech Impact Awards

September 23, 2016: Ed Lazowska, professor of computer science and engineering at the UW, was named Tech Impact Champion at the 2016 Tech Impact Awards, which also recognized two other UWCSE spinoff companies.

How to Make a Smartphone Detect Amenia

September 7, 2016: A new way of detecting anemia, a condition caused by a lack of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, using a smartphone camera hints at how such devices might be used to provide early warning of an illness without the need for expensive equipment or a hospital visit. EE and CSE's Shwetak Patel's lab is featured.

UW work lets implanted medical devices efficiently send data to smartphones

A UW team of electrical engineers and computer scientists has created a way for implanted medical devices to easily send vital health data to a smartphone while using very little power. EE doctoral student Vikram Iyer and CSE/EE associate professor Joshua Smith are quoted in this featured Seattle Times article.

Student projects leapfrog governments and industry in 'Data Science for Social Good' program

Big data is hardly new at this point - nor has it wrought anywhere near its potential effects on many companies and institutions insulated by inertia and red tape. A summer program at the UW called Data Science for Good shows that fresh eyes and good code can make more in 10 weeks than some have done in as many years.

Why are women joining CSE circles?

October 2015: A story of Tessa Hurr faced challenges in the male-dominated CS program and how Lean In organization had helped her to find the support and feel more important in her work.

Profile of CSE Student and Her Role in HIV-Fighting Research

April 2015: How Saloni Parikh took her passion for global health and her knack for computer science halfway across the world, playing a key role in HIV-fighting research.

UW eScience Institute's Sarah Stone and Micaela Parker featured in Oceanography magazine

In the quarterly magazine of the Oceanography Society, Micaela Parker and Sarah Stone of UW's eScience Institute talk about what inspired them to jointly apply to the program manager position, in which they share responsibility for day-to-day operations of the institute and serve as the primary point of contact for campus and external partners and the public.

UW and Microsoft researchers set new record in DNA data storage

Interesting Technology Websites and Blogs

UW CSE's Most Significant Bits (MSB)

Most Significant Bits (MSB) is the newsletter of UW Computer Science and Engineering. Published semiannually, MSB reports news and information about the department, including the undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and the alumni.

STEM Majors Info Sessions

Undergraduate Research Info Sessions

Designed for undergraduates who have yet to begin research, these sessions provide research resources, information on funding, and suggestions for approaching faculty in departments across campus. Additionally, the sessions are highly student-driven, with an emphasis on student questions and concerns, so come prepared!

View schedule and register here.

Computer Science and Engineering Info Sessions

A general information session (no registration required) that covers topics such as admissions, curriculum, research opportunities, etc. There are currently three scheduled general information sessions during Autumn quarter:

  • Thursday, October 13, 2016 3:30-4:30pm in Sieg 134
  • Thursday, November 11, 2016, 3:30-4:30pm in Sieg 134
  • Thursday, December 8, 2016, 3:30-4:30pm in Sieg 134
Electrical Engineering Info Sesssions

If you would like to learn more about Electrical Engineering, visit one of the monthly information sessions where advisors provide information on electrical engineering as a major, a profession, the admissions process, etc.

You can find the dates for these info sessions on the EE event calendar here.

Human-Centered Design & Engineering Info Sessions

Interested in learning more about the Human Centered Design & Engineering undergraduate program? Led by HCDE advisors, these sessions provide an overview of the HCDE Bachelor of Science degree, including curriculum, admissions requirements, and application deadlines.

You can find the dates for these info sessions on the HCDE event calendar here. Also, feel free to ask Melissa about her experience in the HCDE major if you're interested in HCDE!

Informatics Info Sessions

Is the Informatics program a good fit for you? With a curriculum driven by innovation and the intersection of technology and human values, Informatics offers students opportunities for analyzing and solving problems while developing skills and experience in the design and creation of information systems, user interfaces, mobile technologies and social media.

Find out more about the program and curriculum during one of the info sessions in this schedule.